Fresh and sliced fruit: pineapple, orange, red grape, cantaloupe melon, watermelon, kiwi, apples and other species. We offer a variety of fruit salads, and we also sell different types of fruit separately.

What are the benefits of fresh and sliced fruit in everyday life?

  • makes the preparation of your meal easier and faster
  • saves your time, energy and costs
  • removes worries about waste
  • sliced fruit is great for both hot and cold cuisine
  • eases the preparation of fresh juices
  • environmentally friendly packaging
  • 3 kg package for a wholesale customer or 150 g for direct consumption

Fruit is always sliced in advance so the customer gets only fresh product, that fulfils his expectations. Based on the order the package contains his choice of sliced fruits and is packaged especially for him.

The durability of sliced fruit is 3 days. Fruit needs to be consumed immediately after the package is opened.