We offer a complete range of fresh fruit from Czech and foreign growers.

If you do not find exactly what you want, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Package *The usual country of origin
Pineapple 12pcs Ivory Coast
Baby pineapples 10pcs Africa
Pineapple sweet 7pcs Costarica
Avocados 16ks Kenya
Chiquita Bananas 18.5 kg J. America
Banana baby 3kg Ecuador
Banana Plantain 22 kg Ecuador
Blum 5kg Africa
Peaches 4 kg Italy
Lemons 18 kg Turkey
Pumpkin kg Netherlands
Figs 20pcs Turkey
Pomegranate 14pcs Egypt
Grapefruit red 15 kg Africa
White Grapes 7 kg Italy
Grapes blue, pink 7 kg Italy
Pears 12 kg Czech
G. Delicious Apples 6.5 kg Netherlands
Granny smith apples 18 kg France
Apples Jonagold 75-80 12 kg Czech
Strawberries PRESTIGE 0.5 kg Netherlands
Carom 20pcs Malaysia
Kiwi 27pcs Italy
Kiwi 10 kg Chile
Apples standard 13 kg Poland
Fresh coconut 20pcs Costarica
Maize 10pcs Israel
Lime 4 kg Mexico
Mandarins 10 kg Africa
Mango 8pcs Brazil
Cantaloupe Melon 6pcs Spain
Watermelon gallium 8pcs Spain
Watermelon 16 kg Spain
Melon yellow 10 kg Spain
Nectarines 5kg Spain
Nashi 10 kg China
Apricots 5kg France
Papaya 9pcs Brazil
Physalis 12pcs Colombia
Oranges at Fresh 15 kg Spain
Oranges 1.2 stacked 15 kg Africa
Oranges 3.4 sprinkled 15 kg Africa

*The usual country of origin may vary during the year, depending on the season.