Completely fresh, just squeezed juice from fresh fruits and vegetables are not only fashion trend, but most delicious and healthy issues, rightly called vitamin, energy or body cleansing bomb. Choose from products suitable for the production of fresh-juice.

Product *The usual country of origin
Pineapple Costa Rica
Ananas – crownless Costa Rica
Bananas Chiquita South America
Bananas South America
Greengages Spain
Celery Czech republic
Lemons Turkey
Pomegranate Egypt
Red grapefruit Honduras
Pears Belgium
Green pears Holland
White grapes Italy
Red grapes Italy
Standard apples Czech republic
Apples – Golden Czech republic
Apples – Rubín Czech republic
Strawberries Holland
Carambola Malaysia
Kiwi Italy
Limes Mexico
Tangerines Spain
Mango Brazil
Cantaloupe melon Brazil
Watermelon Brazil
Honeydew melon Brazil
Carrot Holland
Nashi China
Papaya Brazil
Physalis Malaysia
Oranges Spain
Beetroot Holland
Ginger China
Mint Czech republic
Basil Israel

*The usual country of origin may vary during the year, depending on the season.