We offer a complete range of fresh herbs from Czech and foreign growers.

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Product Package *The usual country of origin
Basil 1kg Israel
Tarragon 1kg Israel
Chervil 1kg Israel
Dill 1 kg Czech
Coriander 10 vol. Czech
Marjoram 1kg Israel
Kudrnka 5 kg Germany
Zucchini Flower 15 pc Netherlands
Lovage 1 kg Israel
Mint 1 kg Czech
Common balm 1 kg Israel
Oregano 1 kg Israel
Orchid 6x8pc Netherlands
Chives 1 kg Israel
Persil 5 kg Czech
Parsley leaves 1 kg Israel
Rosemary 1 kg Israel
Savory 1 kg Israel
Arugula 1 kg Israel
Sage 1 kg Israel
Sorrel 1 kg Israel
Lemon Thyme 1 kg Israel
Thyme 1 kg Israel

*The usual country of origin may vary during the year, depending on the season.