We offer a complete range of fresh vegetables from Czech and foreign growers.

If you do not find exactly what you want, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Package The usual country of origin*
Potatoes 25 kg Czech
Agata Potatoes 10 kg France
Potatoes on grill 15 kg Czech
Peeled potatoes 10 kg Czech
Early potatoes 15 kg Czech
Sweet Potatoes 6kg Israel
Potatoes, Grenaille 5 / 12, 5 kg France
Broccoli 10pcs Spain
Celery 15 kg Netherlands
Celery 10 kg Italy
Onions 25 kg Czech
Onions 80-100 10 kg Czech
Red Onion 10 kg Egypt
Shallot 5kg France
Spring onions 14sv Czech
Zucchini 5kg Spain
Garlic 10 kg China
Chinese cabbage 10 kg Hungary
Beans round 5kg Egypt
Red chillies 3kg Netherlands
Green chillies 3kg Netherlands
Fennel 5kg Italy
White asparagus 10vol Greece
Green asparagus 11vol Peru
Kapusta 8kg Czech
Kohlrabi 25pcs Czech
Horseradish 20 kg Hungary
Cauliflower 6pcs Czech
Eggplant 5kg Netherlands
Carrots 10 kg Italy
Cucumbers I. 13 kg Netherlands
Paprika II bunt. 10 kg Spain
Pepper White 5kg Hungary
Paprika Red 5kg Netherlands
Green Pepper 5kg Netherlands
Paprika Yellow 5kg Netherlands
Parsley 10 kg Poland
Leek 10 kg Belgium
Tomatos 6kg Netherlands
Tomatos bush 5kg Netherlands
No cherry paradise 9pcs Spain
Cherry bush 3kg Netherlands
White radish 15ks Italy
Radishes 20vol Czech
Beet Red 10 kg Czech
Soy sprouts 10 kg Czech
Spinach 5kg Belgium
Ginger 13 kg China
Cabbage White 25 kg Czech
Red Cabbage 10 kg Czech
Cabbage sour bag 20 / 0,5 kg Czech
Bucket sour cabbage 10 kg Czech

*The usual country of origin may vary during the year, depending on the season.