We offer a complete range of fresh vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs and exotic fruits from Czech and foreign growers.
If even you do not find exactly what you want, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Package *The usual country of origin
Mini green asparagus 9x200g Peru
Mini Eggplant 6x200g India
Mini Eggplant 3 kg India
Mini artichoke 54pcs 5 kg France
Mini artichoke 40pcs 2 kg Peru
Mini beets 6x160g JAR
Mini sweet pepper red / green 1 kg Netherlands
Mini mix pepper 1 kg Netherlands
Baby carrots 8×200 g JAR
Baby carrots with stems 6x200g JAR
Mini Cauliflower 4×4 pieces France
Mini kale 6×4 pieces JAR
Mini zucchini oblong 6x200g JAR
Mini zucchini round 6x200g JAR
Mini corn 12x125g India/Thailand
Mini fennel 6x200g JAR
Mini leek 6x200g JAR
Mini cabbage red/white 6×4 pieces JAR
Mini parsnip 6x180g JAR
Mini Patissons canned 6x200g JAR
Mini rape 6x180g JAR
Mini Swede 6x180g JAR
Beans (Haricot) 2 kg Kenya
Beans (bobby beans) 5kg Morocco
Peas (mangetout) 2 kg Zimbabwe

*The usual country of origin may vary during the year, depending on the season.